Understanding the different Habitats of Channel catfish and Bullhead catfish

by on May 4, 2012

Why it is necessary to know the different habitats for catfish

 When it comes to fishing for any type of fish it is important to understand their habitat and cat fishing really isn’t  any different. I know a lot of people consider cat fishing not to be much of a challenge. Some seem to think it is just going out night fishing, dropping down a night crawler and waiting for the fish to bite. That is part of it, but that is also like saying, “I am going bass fishing. I am going over to those lily pads, casting a rubber worm until I get a Rock bass!”….well you know what, you’re not going to get what you are looking for.

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Understanding the different habitats of catfish

 All catfish are not scavengers who love muddy water. That is one of the first things to understand about catfish and their habitat. Channel cats prefer sandy to rock bottoms that can be found in moderate to large rivers, a lot of reservoirs and also larger lakes that have different types of habitat. They can be very adaptable, meaning they will feed in an environment that has a mixture of muddy milfoil bottoms as well as stone bottoms. You can think of channel cats as a combination scavenger/predator type fish. Yes they use their barbels to find food, but because channels tend to live in water with greater clarity, it is also known that they use their eyesight to feed as well.

 Bullhead catfish on the other hand, are the “scavenger muddy fish” that most people will associate with cat fishing. Still a very tasty meal and a great fish to catch, you will find these cats in the muddy milfoil bottoms feeding on just about any food source they find. Decaying fish, vegetation, snails, worms, and insect larvae are all part of their food sources. All catfish have barbels that can sense food, but bullheads especially rely on them because of the murky conditions they live in.

Understanding water temperature and habitat of Catfish

It is well known that water temperatures are determined by weather patterns; seasonal such as Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter as well as current conditions  such as a storm system that has moved into the area, or a number of long hot days that drive water temperatures high and water levels low. These conditions will also effect where your catfish will be.

 To become better at catfishing you should get to know where the different habitats of catfish can be found in the body of water you fish. This will definitely increase your catch over time! Knowing how to catch a lot of fish comes with time: good research of the body of water by trial and error and speaking with others that you see fishing often.

Whenever I venture out to a new location I always do a lot of research on the location I am going to fish. The questions I ask myself will be, “What time of year will I be there? What are the different species of fish? What and where are the different fish habitats in the body of water. My favorite place to start is to call local bait and tackle shops and ask these types of questions.

Listen friends, I like to keep things informative and simple so you can have a great fishing experience! Make sure you check out the other articles on our site.

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