How To Find Catfish – Getting Started

by on May 3, 2012

Catfishing: Getting Started With The Basics

Catfish Bait, Habitat and more

How To Find Catfish

Ever since I was a young boy growing up in the Northeast, I loved to fish!

My earliest memory of catfishing is with my dad. One night on a local pond, we filled the boat!….so I thought as a kid.

Not only did we catch a lot of fish that night we also created a lot of great memories. When you get into catfishing be prepared to get hooked!

 How is catfishing different?

You do not need to be an advanced fisherman.  Catfishing is a great way to get into the sport of fishing, and one of the least expensive. No need to buy expensive trolling or drift fishing equipment, or expensive lures and jigs. Although with time you can use these techniques for either Channel or Blue Catfish. The basics are to find good spot, throw out your bait and wait for the fish to get into a feeding frenzy.  A few good poles, the right types of hooks, some tasty bait and you are on your way.

What are the different types of Catfish to be caught?

There are many different types of catfish all over the world. I will focus on three main catfish found in theUnited States: Blue catfish, Channel catfish, and Bullhead catfish (primarily brown, yellow). Here is your simple guideline for where you will find these fish inNorth America:

Blue catfish will be found in the Mississippi River drainage area including the Missouri, Ohio, Tennesse, and Arkansas rivers. These are one of the largest catfish inNorth Americaand can grow over 150 pounds.

For most other states, The Channel catfish and the Bullhead catfish is what you will be catching. These fish can be found from Southern Canada all the way down intoMexico. A good channel cat can weight over 10lbs with some growing as large as 50lbs. The Bullhead catfish will generally be around one to two pounds. But size is not the only thing that you use to distinguish the two fish. Channels have a wedged tail while the Bullheads have a square tail.

 Can you really catch catfish during the day?

So lets talk about catching these fish. Depending on where you live just about every time you go fishing you can catch catfish, day or night it doesn’t matter. It is known that night fishing is better for catfish. What really matters is knowing how to attract them.

Because of my experience as a kid I use to think catfishing was reserved just for nighttime.  A few years ago I had my eyes opened in a big way!

You have to know how to attract them……

 How can you attract catfish?

Back in the day I would get a night crawler, throw it on a hook and cast it out and wait….and wait….knowing eventually a catfish would find the bait…..don’t get me wrong this can definitely work…

Now that I am quite a bit older I have become a little smarter about waiting. When I fish, I like to catch a lot fish, especially catfish!

I got this crazy idea watching a shark photography show one night.  I watched them throw this huge chunk of fish on a line into the water and within minutes there where sharks everywhere.  Did you know that most catfish are scavengers and love to feed on cutbait? So I did what they did with the sharks!

Sounds kind of crazy but with one pole I rig a big chunk of cutbait with a weight and toss it in one of my favorite fishing holes. For cutbait I will usually use sunfish or large herring and cut them and tie them in a baitnet. Then I set up a few more poles just outside the centered bait with my other bait. You can use night crawlers, herring, hotdogs or some kind of formulated bait. My favorite bait is Secret 7 Catfish bait. This is the bait I catch the most fish with.

Listen friends, I like to keep things informative and simple so you can have a great fishing experience! If you would like to find more information on catching catfish visit my other articles.


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Video on How to Catch Catfish. Love It!

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