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When spending money on good fishing rods you want to make sure you are choosing a rod that fits your budget, your fishing style and performs well. These tips should help guide you toward finding the right catfish rod.

There are many styles of catfishing: Shore casting, Drift fishing, Anchor fishing and so on. Then you have the different types of catfish you will be fishing: Channel, Blue, Bullheads. So how do you decide on a pole?

I always use these Four Points To Find the Right Catfish Fishing Pole


First on my list is Durability. I like poles that are built to be bounced around a little, one that will last me more than two or three years. Rod material that I look at is E-glass (fiberglass) or Graphite. In the durability class E-glass is my preference. Yes, Graphite is lighter therefore more sensitive, but lacks the durability that I look for in a catfish fishing pole.


Length gives you the advantage of longer casts for shore fishing or anchor fishing. While drift fishing or trolling, length helps with broader spreads with your side rigs. Depending on your set up this could be a difference between 4 to 8 feet spreads and a difference between catching fish or not catching fish. I learned this lesson the hard way.

If it is Blues or larger Channels, I like to use a heavy 8’or more rod. I find that length makes up for stiffness when it comes to strikes. When fishing smaller Channels or Bullheads I will keep within the 7’ range.

Handle Length

Big advantage point for me. When you are dealing with more than four rods in your boat or on shore, you want room to manage them properly. When a handle is short rod holders tend to get in the way of the reels and that can create unnecessary frustration. I like the handle length on the longer side for two reasons: 1) If I need to stick it under my arm, the rod is manageable 2) When in a rod holder it enables me to work with the reel with a lot more ease.

One piece vs. Two piece rods

I believe this is more of a personal preference than a functionality of the rod. There have been people who have tried to tell me that a one piece pole performs better than a two piece pole. My experience with that piece of information is only when I have used a cheap rod. When I buy a respectable catfish fishing rod, a one piece versus a two piece rod doesn’t seem to make a difference to me. Plus when I get into the longer rods it always means custom rods. Personally with catfish fishing rods I find custom rods unnecessary.

A few rods I would recommend

Shakespeare One Piece Medium Heavy Action Catfish Rod 7'

Shakespeare One Piece Medium Heavy Action Catfish Rod 7'

Shakespeare Ugly Stik 7′ Catfish Rod

  1. Durability but on the heavier side
  2. Handle Length
  3. Very Reasonable Price Point
  4. 5 Year Warranty





St Croix

St Croix

St Croix Mojo Muskie Rod

Don’t let the name fool you! This is a great 8’ action rod for drifting

  1. Durability but light
  2. Good  Handle Length
  3. Reasonable Price Point
  4. 5 Year Warranty

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